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Positive Phase 1 results with the drug candidate AEF0217

The 10th of August a relevant article was published in Italy on the famous weekly journal Panorama describing the aims and objectives of the ICOD project and the possible impact on people with Down syndrome in terms of autonomy and social inclusion. The article sparked an interesting debate with DS families on the ICOD Facebook page.

The 21st of September from 6.30 to 8.30 PM, Prof. Filippo Caraci has met in Catania (Auditorium San Luigi Gonzaga) an association of 50 DS families- Futuro 21- (President A. Sciatà)as a follow-up of the ICOD symposium in Troina (21-3-2022) to give further informations and updates to DS families on the ICOD project and the next coming steps such as the NIUS study. The NIUS study will start to evaluate the novel approach for the evaluation of cognitive symptoms adopted in the ICOD project

The NIUS study in the context of the ICOD project: informations for families

ICOD symposium 2022: a wonderful day for all of us !!
DS individuals and DS families have directly interacted with ICOD researchers and all together we have closed the EU symposium !!

Pictures from Symposium

The Kickoff meeting of the ICOD project was held on the 19th of February 2021.

The second Scientific Meeting of the ICOD project will was held on the 12th of July 2021.

The first ICOD Communication Board was held on the 9th of March 2021.

The second ICOD Communication Board was held on the 12nd of May 2021.

Dissemination activities: